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Demodex Face Mites | Bad Tenants of Your Skin

Watch this video to learn more about these nasty mites and their harmful role on your skin.

Need to Consult with a Demodex Consultant?

Take This Online Demodex Test To Estimate Your Demodex Mite Population Density First.

Demodex mites are present in most individuals and may have a pathogenic role when present in high densities.

The infestation may be clinically in-apparent, but, under favorable circumstances, these mites may multiply rapidly, leading to the development of different hair and skin problems.

NEW Demodex Defense Cleanser! Pre-Order Now!

Say hello to our latest innovation: Demodex Defense Cleanser (DDC)!

Formulated specifically for the skin and on the face, scalp, and body. It is ideal for those wanting to help control the mites’ food source, leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh.

DDC aids in both effectively removing impurities from the skin and helping to make it a hostile environment for the mites’ reproductive patterns.

Use it alone, or in any of our D-Series packs, full of other anti-Demodex products to get the full benefit of the Ungex treatment plan.

Ungex products are made in Australia and designed to be used in a course to help treat Demodex mites and contain no artificial colours, parabens, silicone, gluten, SLS, SLES, and are cruelty-free.
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Ungex Demodex Discussion Live - Special Announcement! New Product!?

New Product Coming Soon!! 
Ungex Live 🤩

The newest anti-Demodex products are nearly here!

Say hello to our latest innovation:
Demodex Defense Cleanser (DDC)


Pre-order now and receive a huge 70% off!

Only on preorders of D-series of new upcoming products!

Ends: the first 100 orders or by mid-June (whichever comes first)

Estimated Time of Delivery: By or before early July 2019

T&C apply.

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Demodex Live - General Skin Care Tips and What to Eat!

📌 Become A Distributor!

Ungex Australia is seeking highly motivated distribution partners worldwide who are specialized in personal care (hair and skin care) and focused on the distribution of anti-Demodex products.

Our goal is to develop strategic partnerships by providing a unique offer to distributors, pharmacies, clinics, dermatologists, and doctors.

Be part of the Ungex global network with an innovative Demodex treatment (Ungex Mite Solutions).

✔️ For further information about distributor opportunities, please email us: info[at]ungex[dot]com[dot]au

Mobile: +61 497 472 333
P & F: +61 3 9939 7575
HQ: Suite1510, 530 Little Collins St. Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

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Demodex Mites Life Cycle - Real Video

Demodex Mites Life Cycle

Real Video Recorded at Ungex HQ
A sneak peeks of the microscopic activity going on inside your skin. The majority of a mites lifecycle takes place deep under hair follicles and inside the oil glands.
The six-legged larvae hatch after 3-4 days, and the larvae develop into adults in about 7 days. It has a 14-day life cycle. The total lifespan of a Demodex mite is several weeks. The dead mites decompose inside the hair follicles or sebaceous glands.
Overpopulation of these mites can be linked to various skin issues. The parasites need to be eliminated in order for your skin to rejuvenate.

Deal with Demodex the right way by Ungex
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Ungex Office Live - Demodex Discussion

Live Now | New Ungex Kit 🧐

Ungex Anti-Demodex Treatment

Basic Kits Just Released!

AUD $178 Australian Dollar Only

✔️Treat Demodex mites on your skin

✔️ Acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, blepharitis, itchy skin …

✔️ Lasts approx. 4-6 weeks.

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درمورد آکنه و ارتباط آن با انگل دمودکس بیشتر بدانیم - توسط متخصص پوست

صحبت هاي جناب آقاي دكتر باريكبين (درماتولوژيست/متخصص پوست) در مورد دمودكس و عارضه هاي پوستي مرتبط با آن مانند آكنه

Ungex Office Live - New Anti-Demodex Mites Value Kit!

Ungex Presents New Anti-Demodex Products.
Basic Kits Contains The Skin Demodex Treatment Spray plus One Ungex Shampoo)
Basic Kit-i (BK-i) (SDT + IS) 

* NEW AUD $ 178.00 = 1 SDT + 1 IS

Basic Kit-p (BK-p)(SDT + PS) 
* NEW AUD $ 178.00 = 1 SDT + 1 PS

Main roles and differences of 5 Ungex products IS, PS, THT, PDT & SDT:
A. Shampoos: Removing dirt and the main food source of Demodex mites.
PS - Purifies the skin and removes the mites' food source (strong cleanser).
IS - Invigorates the skin against Demodex (mites hate it!).

B. THT- Controls Demodex reproduction and promotes hair growth on the scalp.
C. PDT- Helps kill Demodex mites on the skin and upholstery items (super strong). Also aids in killing other kinds of mites.
D. SDT- Helps kill Demodex mites on the skin (mild formula for more sensitive skin).
Another News:
Ungex Price on the Rise!

The price of Ungex shampoos increased today!
The regular retail price of Ungex Shampoos has been increased from A$48 to A$78 (more than 60% rise) on the 30th April 2019!
There might be a price increase on other Ungex products as well.

What is the reason?
Ungex price increases due to several reasons, such as high demand while there is a decrease in the supply of raw materials.

Also, the Australian dollar has fallen to its lowest levels against the greenback in nearly three years.

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Want Beautiful Skin | Watch this Live Video about Ungex Demodex Treatmen...

Hiroto Discusses Demodex Mites! Special Offer! 😀🤩

Let's help those who suffer from different skin issues linked to Demodex mite infestation. 

Share this live video with your beloved ones to help them treat or prevent skin Demodex related issues.

Leave your comments or questions under this video to let our Demodex consultants reply you. 

Thanks for watching! 😊

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Ungex Office Live Stream - Demodex Discussion 2

Want to Know More About Ungex Demodex Mite Treatment?

Hiroto discusses what Demodex mites are what the High-Frequency Instrument (HFI) does, and more!

Make sure to leave a comment below and have an expert answer your questions!

Also for more information, find our website in the comments below.

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Ungex Office Live Stream - Demodex Discussion

Learn More about Ungex Demodex Treatment. 

Watch this live video now to know every thing that you never wanted to know about Demodex mites. 

If you have questions about Ungex Demodex Treatment, you may leave a comment, then one of our professional Demodex Consultants will be in touch with you.

Please remember to like and share this video to help those who are suffering from different skin issues linked to Demodex mites infestations such as below symptoms: 

red nose
seborrheic dermatitis
atopic dermatitis
itchy skin
hair loss
androgenic alopecia
aging skin
rough skin
wide pores
fine wrinkles
perioral dermatitis

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Ungex. We always love to help. 
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The Horror of Demodex Mites

When the population density of Demodex mites increases then they can cause lots of skin issues such as:
red nose
seborrheic dermatitis
atopic dermatitis
itchy skin
hair loss
androgenic alopecia
aging skin
rough skin
wide pores
fine wrinkles
perioral dermatitis 
and so on... 
So it is better to prevent.

"Prevention is Better than Cure." ...

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معرفی محصول جدید ضد دمودکس آنجکس بصورت زنده در برنامه تلویزیونی چشمه خان...

توضیح در مورد محصول جدید ضد دمودکس آنجکس

محصول جديد آنجكس، اسپري ضد دمودكس 'اس دي تي' سازگار با پوست هاي حساس و ويژه عارضه ها و آسيب هاي پوست و مو ناشي از تراكم بالاي انگل هاي دمودكس مي باشد كه حاصل تلاش شبانه روزي قابل تقدير تيم تحقيقاتي آنجكس استراليا است كه با توجه به نتايج چشمگير و موثر اسپري ضد دمودكس 'پي دي تي' و استقبال بي نظيري كه از اين محصول شده است، توليد و بزودي تقديم مصرف كنندگان سراسر جهان مي شود

تركيبات مواد تشكيل دهنده اين محصول با توجه به بالاترين استاندارد هاي جديد بهداشتي اروپا و جهان، بهبود و ارتقا يافته و اگرچه تركيبات مواد تشكيل دهنده آن همانند 'پي دي تي' است اما قدرت ضد دمودكسي آن كمي ملايم تر از اسپري 'پي دي تي' است و البته با قيمتي در حدود نصف بهاي 'پي دي تي' به گونه اي طراحي شده است تا با پوست هاي حساس يا عارضه هايي مانند: دمودكس روزاسه، درماتيت_سبورئيك، بلفاريت، آكنه هاي مقاوم به درمان، خارش هاي شديد پوستي و بسياري ديگر از عارضه هاي پوستي مرتبط به آلودگي دمودكس سازگار تر باشد و واكنش هاي احتمالي اوليه آن نيز ملايم تر خواهد بود
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Can Demodex Mites Cause Blepharitis?

Blepharitis Is A Commonly Progressive Chronic Illness Considered One Of The Most Found Ocular Disorders In Clinical Practice.

#Blepharitis is one of the most common ocular disorders seen by eye care specialists and is found in almost 47% of ophthalmic patients. Approximately 30 million Americans may be affected.  Blepharitis is common in middle-aged patients, and its incidence increases with age.

Demodex mites have been associated with blepharitis and several pathological mechanisms have been suggested. The mites can cause a direct damage in the epithelial cell at the lash follicle, induce a reactive hyperplasia and hyperkeratinization or mechanically block of the orifices of meibomian glands. Bacteria were found inside and on the surface of Demodex mites. Some of them, such as staphylococci, produce exotoxins that can directly contribute to unspecific irritative symptoms or induce a host immune reaction. In addition, proteins of the mites and their debris may also elicit a host delay hypersensivity reaction.

Get a long-term solution for Demodex mites 
Ungex’s protocol is a total care plan that will be tailored to you and your lifestyle. If you follow the care plan provided to you with the products, you’ll be surprised how successful your treatment will be. If you want to ensure you stay Demodex-free, we recommend shampoos and other products individually so you can keep the mites away.

First step is to take #Ungex unique #Demodex detection test which is an online form that will take only a couple of minutes to complete. Link of Demodex online test HERE

After that, Ungex consultants will contact you to take you through further steps.