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Can Demodex Mites Cause Blepharitis?

Blepharitis Is A Commonly Progressive Chronic Illness Considered One Of The Most Found Ocular Disorders In Clinical Practice.

#Blepharitis is one of the most common ocular disorders seen by eye care specialists and is found in almost 47% of ophthalmic patients. Approximately 30 million Americans may be affected.  Blepharitis is common in middle-aged patients, and its incidence increases with age.

Demodex mites have been associated with blepharitis and several pathological mechanisms have been suggested. The mites can cause a direct damage in the epithelial cell at the lash follicle, induce a reactive hyperplasia and hyperkeratinization or mechanically block of the orifices of meibomian glands. Bacteria were found inside and on the surface of Demodex mites. Some of them, such as staphylococci, produce exotoxins that can directly contribute to unspecific irritative symptoms or induce a host immune reaction. In addition, proteins of the mites and their debris may also elicit a host delay hypersensivity reaction.

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