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What Are Demodex Mites? Face Mite, Hair Mite | UNGEX

Human Hair Mite Demodex Treatment

Most people have never heard of Demodex mites in humans, let alone that they are likely to be responsible for most hair and skin problems. 

If you are looking for an answer, you have come to the right place. Ungex provides a guaranteed solution to treat Demodex hair mites in humans, more about products.

“100% of people over 18 years of age appear to host at least one Demodex species…” 

– Research article by North Carolina State University & Fordham University, USA

What are Demodex mites and why do they live in my skin and hair follicles?hair loss, hair mite, skin mite, itching, pimple, acne, cause, demodex

Demodex mites are parasites that live in hair follicles, they are relatives of ticks, spiders, scorpions and other arachnids. In the animal kingdom there are many species of mite, and the demodex family contains 65. Of those, only 2 reside on human skin – Demodex Folliculorum and Demodex Brevis.

Demodex mites live in the hair follicles on your scalp, face and body. You can’t see them with your eyes, since they’re microscopic. They live for two weeks in total. It takes half a day for a female Demodex to lay her eggs (deep inside your hair follicles), two and a half days for them to hatch out of skin and hair follicles and six days for a baby demodex mite to reach adulthood. From then on, a Demodex mite will enjoy a further five days of life eating the oil and nutrients from your skin before dying and liquefying in your pores. Mites usually only come out of their follicles at night, as they try to avoid light. 

So why do most animals, including humans live with these insects?! In humans, they tend to become a problem when a high population density is found. This has been linked to all manner of hair and skin problems.

These symptoms indicate that a high population density of mite is present and needs to be treated effectively, read more about Ungex products here.

Why Treating Mites is so Important:

It is highly important and necessary to eliminate hair mites prior to seeking any treatment for skin or scalp based issues. Mites not only act as a barrier for topical treatments on the skin, but also provide an unstable foundation build upon.

For example, one of our clients underwent a half head hair transplant before coming to us to get tested for mites. Unfortunately he hadn’t heard of demodex mites before surgery. You can read more about the importance of eliminating mites before sugery in this fantastic article here by the renowned Gregory Kirk

It’s Highly Important To Seek Demodex Mites Treatment Prior To Any Other Treatment For Skin Issues. 

Hair Mites Cause Problems When They Soar Out Of Control!

Having an infested scalp can be explained by likening it to a garden, and I will explain why below:

Why your scalp is like a garden:

Say that you have a garden that is overrun by pests. There are insects on your plants roots and in the soil, consuming all the nutrients, fertiliser and water you are feeding your plants, trying to make them healthy again.

Instead of these products getting into the soil, and your plants roots transferring the nutrients to where they need to go, the pests in the soil are getting to them first and consuming them. Your plans start to die.

So your hair and skin are like plants. They need to live in a pest free environment to flourish.

The conclusion:

So even when there are no visible signs of Demodex activity it is worth to treat yourself and eliminate the mites before it can become a real problem.

Caring for yourself and taking steps to boost your immune system should run parallel with your Ungex Care Plan. Our Essential Kits guarantee elimination, but strengthening your immune system will not only help to treat Demodex mites in humans but also help prevent a future density rise mite populations. 

Eliminating mites is a process, and it doesn’t happen overnight. But tackling the problem early with Ungex products now, may save a whole lot of heartache in the future, after all, one of our favourite saying is ‘Prevention is Better Than Cure’.

دمودکس مایت چیست؟

دمودکس مایت چیست؟

 انگل های میکروسکوپی هستند که در زیر ریشه مو (فولیکول مو) زندگی می کنند

آنها با ریزش مو، آکنه روزاسه، جوش، خارش و بسیاری از مشکلات پوست مرتبط هستند

کنه های عنکبوتی دمودکس مایت در زیر ریشه مو تخم گذاری و تولید مثل می کنند

آنها از چربی پوست، مواد مغذی، ویتامین ها، مینرال ها و پروتئین پوست تغذیه می کنند

وقتی آنها بمیرند، پسماند آنها باعث انسداد پوست و تشدید مشکلات پوستی می شود

تحقیقات نشان می دهد کسانی که مشکلات پوستی دارند از تراکم بالای این انگل رنج می برند

اگر سیستم ایمنی بدن ضعیف باشد جمعیت آنها می تواند به طور چشمگیری افزایش یابد

وقتی تراکم جمعیت این آفت افزایش یابد مشکلات پوست و مو نیز تشدید می گردد

از بین بردن این انگل که نقش آفت در پوست انسان را دارد پیش شرطی اجتناب ناپذیر در بهداشت پوست و مو می باشد

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